Edward Ellington – Man of Few Words

So I'll speak for him.

The Sonic Abbey – Part 2

… Again I place my hands on the wall in front of me and allowed the internal frequency of the building to resonate in me. I didn’t try to generate … Continue reading

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The Sonic Abbey – Part 1

I couldn’t believe it, these people were masters, and all they did was sit around, playing music, sounding or meditating. It was a modern day monastery, but there were men … Continue reading

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Chapter Three – Waters

“You wouldn’t believe what I did this morning!” Edward softly exclaimed to the woman handing him a glass bottle of cream soda. She popped the cap off and placed it … Continue reading

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Chapter Two – Lost Boy

It was dark. Edward loved the city at night. There was something so enchanting about all the lights and colours. He found it funny that the sounds didn’t change much … Continue reading

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No Flying Required

The craft was brand new and squeaky clean. I didn’t like it. New ships were like new officers, all tidy and arrogant. There was a level of presumption that came … Continue reading

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Alexander Altman

A boy discovers his ability to generate sound by simply thinking about it. Alexander Altman is the only son of a high class business man, Jonathan Altman, and his wife, … Continue reading

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To Fight Another Day

[Inspired by a dream.] I could see it on the radar. He was moving fast and he was right above us. I looked at the radar-imager. He was riding a … Continue reading

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